As a professional photographer for more than 25 years, David has photographed commercial boats for Boston Whaler, cymbals for the Avedis Zildjian Company as well as architectural exteriors and interiors, industrial products and locations, clothing, jewelry, conceptual/editorial, food and beverage, furniture and lighting, medical and high-tech.

We transitioned from film to fully digital over 15 years ago. We've worked with advertising agencies, graphic designers, catalog companies, large corporations and small businesses producing photography for print and web/electronic medias. We greatly enjoy a variety of specialties including architectural, industrial, product/still life, catalog and editorial photography. We also have experience shooting from helicopters.


Product photography and many years experience as an industrial, advertising, architectural and catalog photographer. Also editorial/conceptual photography, Photoshop retouching and post production work. A Photoshop professional for over 15 years.

We consistently strive to produce outstanding photography that is effective, efficient and within budget.


Professional photography can make a huge difference and will always help to ensure

your marketing success.